Gore RELIEF Clinical Study


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Study participation

The RELIEF Study is looking for patients with migraine headaches who will be evaluated to determine if they have a PFO. If they do, the patients will move on to additional screening to ensure selection of patients who may potentially benefit from PFO closure .

Study participants must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 - 55 years of age.
  • Have had one year or more of migraine symptoms that started before the age of 50.
  • Have more than one migraine headache per week on average.
  • Have tried and have had unsatisfactory results with at least two different migraine medications for prevention, which were taken on a regular basis to reduce the overall frequency and/or severity of migraine.

Additional criteria will apply.

Gore RELIEF Clinical Study

What are clinical research studies?

Clinical research studies, also known as clinical trials, are conducted by doctors and researchers to see if new medical interventions are safe and effective before being approved for use for the public. For many people, taking part in a clinical trial is important because their participation helps increase the understanding of various diseases and how to treat them. Some other benefits to participation are:

  • Active participation in your own health and healthcare
  • Access to new investigational drugs, medical devices and treatments
  • Access to healthcare providers who specialize in the condition being studied
  • Knowledge that you may be helping others with the condition, as well as yourself

Refer a friend

Do you know a family member or loved one who is struggling with migraine headaches? They may be eligible to participate in the RELIEF Study. Consider sharing information with them about how they can learn more.